Antena 1


Antena 1 (Romanian pronunciation: [anˈtena ˈunu]) is a Romanian television network, and one of the top three networks in the country with a market share of about 10%. It covers most of the country and it is owned by Dan Voiculescu, who is the founder president of theConservative Party.

Antena 1 is currently the second most popular TV channel, after ProTV. Its main show is [the Observer] or Observator (main news broadcast at 19:00), and various others soap opera shows, football matches and entertainment programs.

Antena 1 promotes itself under the slogan Together we are Antena 1, after dropping the long-running Always Close slogan which helped relaunch it in 1998. In May 2005, Antena 1 has acquired a specialty brother, the channel Antena 3, a 24/7 news channel fashioned in the spirit of CNN. In February 2006, Antena 4 – Euforia lifestyle TV was launched, a channel targeting women viewers. In July 2006, Antena Internaţional, a 24-hour TV channel for Romanians over the borders was launched; it is now broadcasting only in USA and Canada, but will soon extend its coverage area. In April 2007, Antena 2 has been launched.

The channel is owned by the Intact Media Group group.

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