Etno TV


Etno TV is a post television in Romania . Etno TV was launched by businessman Silviu Prigoana , the owner Rosal , who also Taraf TV [1] . Ethno was the first television station dedicated to folk music and manele, addressing a target aged between 16 and 70 years, middle-income and large [1] . Station representatives say that 70% of the audience is made ​​up of people with average and higher education, and over 46% of viewers are from Bucharest and major cities of the country (August 2007) [1] . Advertising revenues are about 50,000 euros per month and selling airtime costs € 500 plus VAT , for an hour emission (August 2007) [1] .

Etno TV had 22,000 viewers in urban per day in the first six months of the year 2007 [1] . In January 2008 , the station had an average audience of 98,000 viewers per day (of which 41,000 in urban areas), the most watched music TV channel [2] .

In 2007, Etno TV had a turnover of 18 million euros and a profit of one million euros, the money coming solely from advertising

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